Lucifer Hemmings

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Calum in Good Girls | X Factor Australia

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"Shut up Luke" by Michael Clifford ft. Calum Hood

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5 Seconds of Summer on Good Morning America. 

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5sos on Good Morning America x

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5SOS Official Book Behind the Scenes.

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5 Seconds of Summer performing Amnesia at Good Morning America

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Teen Vogue Photoshoot

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Dayum he fine.
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AUIt was your birthday and Luke and the boys flew home to you to attend your party. When Luke returned to Calum’s home - where the boys were all sleeping over - the morning after with his hair messed up and hickeys still present on his neck, it wasn’t hard for the boys to figure out what had gone down that night. (not my gifs, just my edit.)

Get us famous, yeah that would be cool.

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